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With us you will learn how to observe, capture and transform the emerging trends into the most creative concepts and inspiring ideas. Barcelona, one of the most innovative cities of the world is our playground.

Through a disruptive way of learning and surrounded by history, tradition and culture we will walk the steps towards the future.

Join us in this fun and totally unforgettable experience and we promise you will never see the world in the same way.



Founder & Creative Director

Sharing knowledge and igniting creativity has become one of my major drives in life. Always curious and ready to take a chance in new experiences that could redefine the way we conceive the world today.

Master degree in Design Management and over twenty years of experience in the textile & Retail industry, immersed in all the activities starting from consumer trends & forecast, creative direction, marketing and product management. 

I´m also an enthusiastic teacher on a Master program and an eternal yoga student eager to learn / share awareness , wellbeing and inspiration.

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Digital Strategist & Art Director

Coolhunter not just by profession but by heart. Strategist, objective driven, always looking for ways to widen my scope, problem solver, perfectionist and yet artsy with a great love of aesthetics. Non stop experience seeker with a mind that goes so fast I sometimes struggle to keep up with my own ideas.

Master in Art Direction and Fashion Communication, Postgraduate in Coolhunting and Global Trends. Over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry working as Creative Director, Marketing & Sales Director, Textile R&D and Purchase Director, Art Director and Stylist specialised on online markets. 


Being able to communicate through images, text and sounds is powerful. I firmly believe the future is here and it’s online. 

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Manager engineer with a masters degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. With almost two decades of work experience, he has been dedicated to create and develop sales and marketing, branding, advertising, and communication strategies within industries such as retail, fashion, banking, airport management, electric power, and infrastructure. This experience has been complemented with a broad teaching experience in fields such as consumer behaviour, marketing research, brand management, and integrated communications. 

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